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Thank you for your interest in helping dogs and cats in need. Bideawee is in need of volunteers at our Wantagh Facility and Westhampton Adoption Center! There are many ways that you can become a member of the Bideawee volunteer family including walking dogs, socializing cats, fostering, providing administrative help and more!

>>Please note that you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to volunteer on-site.<<

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this page for more information before signing up.





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Bideawee volunteers make a BIG impact!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times can I volunteer?

Based on the Bideawee location and the role that you are looking to fill, volunteer hours vary. Bideawee works with all volunteers to find opportunities that allow people to participate within the confines of their busy schedules. Please contact the Bideawee Volunteer Coordinator at the Bideawee location closest to you to get additional information on the posted volunteer positions.

What training do volunteers receive?

Every Bideawee volunteer participates in an orientation and training program. All new volunteers are matched with a “mentor” who is usually a staff member or an experienced volunteer. The mentor answers questions, helps new volunteers get acclimated to Bideawee, and offers support and assistance throughout their volunteer shift.

Can children volunteer?

Bideawee requires that all volunteers working directly with animals be 16 years or older. At the Wantagh site, due to the nature of working with isolation animals, volunteers age 16 and 17 must provide a referral/recommendation from a trusted adult-leader (besides a parent) in their life. At our Manhattan and Westhampton sites, those age 10 through 15 may volunteer when accompanied by a relative who is 18 or older. Bideawee has opportunities that can satisfy school community service requirements and help enhance college applications. Please contact a Bideawee Volunteer Manager at the Bideawee location nearest you for more details.

How can I become a Pet Therapy Volunteer?

The Bideawee Pet Therapy program is a way for pet lovers to share the unconditional love and companionship of their pet with those in need. Pet Therapy teams undergo a variety of training and evaluations before receiving assignments to visit individuals in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and various other institutions.

There are five basic requirements that all applicants must satisfy to become a working Bideawee Pet Therapy team as follows:

  1. Pet must be one year of age of older
  2. Completion of the application packet
  3. An interview and official evaluation of the animal’s temperament
  4. Take the Pet Partners 6 week training course and pass a post class evaluation
  5. Mentor training

For more information, please visit https://staging.bideawee.org/Pet-Therapy

Contact Us

For more information about volunteering at any of our three locations please contact: