Let’s Shut Down the Puppy Mill Pipeline

I sincerely hope that very soon, I will be able to say that I played a small part in helping to pass historic legislation that, if signed by Governor Kathy Hochul, would be a major step forward in protecting innocent animals’ lives!  Yes, if signed into law, the Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill would literally end the continuous and cruel practice of pet store sales in New York of puppies who come from mills.  These mills are known for overbreeding animals in horrific conditions, purely for profit.

It’s hard to believe that this still takes place, and no matter what a pet store owner or manager will tell you, their pets do NOT come from reputable breeders. And believe me, they will always say that they do. But, the real story is that puppy mills in other states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri and even some in New York, ship their puppies to pet stores here, where they are marketed as healthy puppies from responsible breeders, which, I reiterate, is absolutely not the case. In fact, puppies sold in pet stores come from commercial breeding operations that are designed to put profit above all else – especially above the health and well-being of the pups they are selling.

The truth is, dogs in puppy mills are often kept in dirty, overcrowded cages their entire lives without adequate shelter, veterinary care, food or socialization. They are not pets; they are breeding machines and their only value is to produce puppies who are shipped and sold to pet stores. What’s even worse is that not only are the breeding dogs affected, but their puppies often suffer severe health and behavioral issues – and families are often unprepared for the financial loss and heartbreak that come with buying a sick puppy.

This cruel and broken system continues even today- when we are fully aware of the horrendous mistreatment of these animals because it’s still legal to sell dogs in New York pet stores, leaving New York to become one of the puppy mill industry’s largest markets. When the Puppy Mill Pipeline Bill is signed into law, New York will shut down this pipeline and deny cruel mills access to New York’s communities.

But we need to ban together now and show our support for this bill to make sure Governor Hochul signs it.  She is getting pressure from the industry and we can’t let up now. Our voices must be stronger and louder to help save innocent pets’ lives.

So, I’m asking all of you to join me today in being a small part of history by adding your name to the list of animal lovers who are urging the Governor to sign this bill!  Let’s end this cruel practice now!  Click here.